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WindWater Productions

WindWater Productions creates soundtracks for film, television, theatre, and everyday life that combine the organic feel and chemistry of live musical performance with state-of-the-art audio production. The WindWater team was founded by David Belmont and percussionist-composer Josh Neretin.

Their premiere instrumental effort, WindWater Excursions, spent 8 months on the New Age Voice Top 100 Airplay List and was in heavy rotation on the syndicated radio program Echoes in 2000-1.

David and Josh collaborated on the score for the critically acclaimed art film Nothing Really Happens (Castillo Productions, 2003).

David Belmont

David BelmontSince the 1970’s, when David Belmont was active in Manhattan’s rock and performance art scenes, he has been writing backgrounds for poetry, mime, theatre, film and dance. His work includes collaborations with poet Jose Angel Figueroa (Transfigurations, performed at Joseph Papp’s Anspacher Theatre), mime-dancer-director Marc Maislen of Phasa Beam Arts (improvisations at the Cambridge (MA) River Festival, Lincoln Center Out of Doors and the Counterweight Festival, NYC; Angels Without Wings, Ebert Artists House, NYC; Ellipsis, Long Island University’s Triangle Theatre, commissioned by Isaac Asimov for the Futures Conference) and holographer-magician Rick Silberman (Solid Deceptions, Museum of Holography, NYC; Invisible Cities CD).

David has independently produced 23 albums of his work. He is currently the co-musical director (along with Michael Walsh) of the Castillo Theatre, located on West 42nd Street in Manhattan, NYC.

Josh Neretin

Josh NeretinJosh Neretin has written and performed scores for film and television. His credits include: sound design and underscoring for trailers at the Sundance Film Festival, soundtracks for a variety of independent filmmakers (Lydia Dean Picher for HBO Productions, Susan McIntosh and Maddy Schwartzman among them), music supervision for weekly programming on PBS/WNET and background for Lifetime Television’s Wired TV series. He has recorded and performed with Will Garrett, Pat Irwin, Caleb, Mila Drumke, Juliann Richards, Dorothy Scott and Pat Wictor.

WindWater Ensemble

The WindWater Ensemble has performed David Belmont’s compositions and arrangements since 1999. The current line up is:

David Belmont, guitars, world dobro, percussion
Michael Walsh, keyboards
Gerry McCord, bass
Arnie Wise, drums, percussion

Emeritus WWE members:

Michael Visceglia, bass
Premik Russell Tubbs, reeds, lap steel guitar
Tigger Benford, percussion

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