International Steel Guitar (2014) Features duets with eclectic cellist Brent Arnold, with music inspired from all over the world (Persia, China, East Africa, West Coast USA) as well as the first unaccompanied tracks released on a Belmont CD. On David’s part, it’s all world dobro (the only guitar on the record). From Brent you get a large dose of his melodic and harmonic sensibility, peppered with unique sound meistering. A departure and a continuation at one and the same time.

Maladjusted (2013) An unabashed rock record, with the full psychedelic treatment, by the lean and mean WindWater band, now a quartet: Michael Walsh (keyboards), Gerry McCord (bass), Arnie Wise (drums) and David (guitars, vocals, percussion) with cameos by Michael Visceglia (bass), Jon Burr (double bass) and Premik Russell Tubbs (reeds). The title track, an old school reggae joint co-penned by David and Castillo Theatre Artistic Director Dan Friedman, is followed by nine cover songs…which range from 60s classics (Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Tim Hardin) to 21st century songs (Metric, Aimee Mann, Lucinda Williams), with dashes from Dr. John and R.E.M. Kick back and imagine the Joshua Light Show…

Portraits and Landscapes (2011) The second WindWater album, given its first public release 10 years after creation, captures the band at a peak of their creative teamwork. A cinematic mix of world rhythms, stellar guitar work, and exotic sounds, this record evokes faraway people and places while staying right at home. The debut of the world dobro.

Journal Entries (2010) Featuring the expanded WWE (now a sextet) in full flight, whether its on cinematic arranged pieces or jazz improvisation. From theatre projects, live gigs, rehearsal jams…our last couple of years for your ears. The first WindWater record to feature Premik Russell Tubbs…in all his splendor on reeds and lap steel guitar…as well as new Ensemble members Arnie Wise on drums and Tigger Benford on percussion. Rounding out the group are stalwarts Michael Walsh on keyboards, Gerry McCord on bass and yours truly on guitars, percussion, synth brass and bass. Enjoy!

Postmodern Panache (2007) The recently expanded WindWater Ensemble adds more American jazz to their world fusion sound. Feature tracks are Mr. Miles, a dedication to the groundbreaking Miles Davis and Germania:[audio:Germania.mp3] theme from the award-winning independent film “Nothing Really Happens.” Also in the collection are extended versions of Sedona, the band’s tour de force, and the Beatles’ Blue Jay Way, featuring David on world dobro and vocals.

Invisible Cities (2007) An infectious program of world arrangements created with flair and humor by David and master holographer/magician Rick Silberman, a protege of Robert Moog in the late 60s. Employing the most advanced postmodern technology, David and Rick seamlessly combine rhythms from Japan, Thailand, North America and elsewhere with a wide array of guitars, vocals, and horns (even some didgeridoo!) to create an inspired blend of danceable sounds that put a smile on your face.

Continuum Music, Volume I (2005) An experimental album combining continuum breath sounds, pre-recorded loops and live percussion and guitar performed by David and Mary Abrams’ workshop participants.

Nothing Really Happens Soundtrack (2003) Music created by David and Josh Neretin for Fred Newman’s provocative art film, featuring Yumi Kurosawa on koto and Leah Coloff on cello.

Live at the Temple of Soul (2002) David and Joe Belmont continue their musical journeys with an eclectic, all acoustic mix, recorded live in the studio. Guitar music from medieval to Jimi, JS Bach to TS Monk…and beyond.

WindWater Excursions (2000) The flagship album of the WindWater Ensemble. Featuring poignant melodies, dynamic guitar and percussion interplay, and lush arrangements orchestrated by David and Josh Neretin. Spent 8 months on the New Age Voice Top 100 Airplay list.

Cures for St. Valentine’s Blues (1999) David and musical friends, including Josh Neretin, Mike Visceglia, and Pat Wictor, bring you all-acoustic interpretations of tunes by Sheryl Crow, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Laura Nyro (and others), spiced with original instrumentals. A fun, back porch kind of record.

Not for Resale (1995) The only studio record by David’s 90’s band Blues in Progress. Creative versions of eclectic covers written by Tim Hardin, Winston Rodney, Robbie Robertson, Dave Edmunds, Don Covay, Jagger/Richards, etc. You get the picture.

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