Postmodern Panache

Postmodern Panache

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  1. Mr. Miles (4:00)
  2. Germania (7:05)
  3. Sedona (15:16)
  4. Another Sunrise (9/13/01) (6:00)
  5. Suhda’s Mood (4:21)
  6. Blue Jay Way (12:11)
  7. Katrina’s Tears (1:30)

WindWater Ensemble (2007)

David Belmont: guitars, loop bass on Mr. Miles, world dobro on Blue Jay Way
Josh Neretin: cajon, cymbals, wind chimes, shakers, bells, triangle, percussion/bass loop on Blue Jay Way
Jerry McCord: bass
Michael Walsh: keyboards (Rhodes, Universe, Arasian Morn, Ocean, BP Morph), samples (trumpet, cornet, cello, sitar), piano on Katrina’s Tears

Produced by David Belmont for WindWater Productions
Mixed by David Belmont and Michael Walsh
Mastered by Rick Rowe for Rick Rowe Mastering
Recorded at the Smooth Spot, NYC, July 2006 thru March 2007
Photography and art work by Kim Svoboda, SAQA

Special thanks to Dean Balin for the drum programming on Mr. Miles.

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